FSP hosts Unity 2022 with René Carayol MBE

4 October 2022

In September 2022, FSP hosted its annual Unity event at Searcy’s at The Gherkin, facilitated by our CEO, Simon Grosse. We were delighted to have the opportunity once again to reunite our teams across the UK and Barcelona.

We were honoured to start the day by hearing unique and awe-inspiring stories from two of our colleagues, Wetika Woramontri and Alan Makawa, who spoke openly about their personal experiences and what led them to FSP – both emphasising that FSP is a place that encourages them to be the best version of themselves and do their best work. Hearing of their incredible resilience and listening to them bravely speak in front of their 150+ peers, touched us all. Simon Walker, our co-founder, also spoke openly about the impact that different individuals within FSP have had on him and what they have taught him along the way. He remarked how the people, experiences and challenges have all positively shaped his purpose.

Listening to Wetika, Alan, Simon and many others who also bravely remarked on the positive impact that FSP has had on them, reminded us of the unique and special culture that we have built as a team and how important it is that we nurture it.

We also had the pleasure of being joined again by the incredible René Carayol MBE, who led a thought-provoking discussion on inclusion and inclusive leadership. He spoke about how we all have the ability to be a leader, and what it means to be a truly good one: ’empower others, recognise people for their strengths and contribution, provide support, and practice emotional intelligence’.

He discussed the importance of listening and learning from other people’s stories, and of understanding that everyone’s experience is different. That we should all be given equal access to opportunities and feel that true sense of belonging wherever we are – ultimately, creating a positive work environment for all to feel welcome. Thank you, René, for always challenging us to do better and be better – as individuals and as an organisation.

René’s mantra is “Everybody In – Nobody Out. Believe in everyone” something FSP are proud to champion as we continue to strive for greater inclusion and sense of belonging.

We recognise the importance of learning and cultivating an environment where everyone has access to opportunity.

It was a truly fantastic day centred around what matters most, the heart of FSP – people. We are already looking forward to Unity 2023!