Lucy Mouring – Office Manager

1 min 23 February 2022

I joined FSP nearly three years ago. I started off in the Service and Support team within FSP and my role consisted of calculating metrics and monthly service reports for our clients.

When I joined, my confidence increased rapidly, as all of my fellow team members encouraged me to be bold. I was able to get involved in lots of different areas of the business and my understanding of how the business operated has allowed me to be multiskilled.

I then joined the Core Services team that run the people operation side of the business. Being exposed to so many different areas made me realise that I thrive when surrounded by people. I then began supporting the HR function, creating personalised induction plans for new starters. I ensure the transition into FSP is a positive experience from start to finish, being a friendly face and a listening ear to my wonderful colleagues.

I was put forward for a new role at the end of 2021 to become the Office Manager of our beautiful new office. I cried tears of happiness – of course imposter syndrome crept in and made me doubt my abilities. However, my line managers have supported me throughout the transition into my new role. I have just been nominated as employee of the quarter and I couldn’t be more grateful to be recognised by my peers. It is so lovely to be back in the office and connected to those around me.

I have also just started a level three CIPD qualification in people practice. This will enable me to organically develop my skills within the HR function. FSP have actively invested in me as a person; encouraging me to challenge myself, believe in my abilities and constantly strive for bigger and better. I feel very lucky to work for an organisation that are supporting my growth!

If I look back to the younger me, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. FSP have made me recognise my own personal values and skills and have placed me in roles that allow me to thrive.

What you put in, is always recognised here!